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About Petaurum HR

Who we are?

A proud partner of The British Footwear Association, we are HR specialists working across a range of sectors and industries, including footwear.

What we do?

We help you set-up your teams for success and we do this by providing straightforward HR advice and support and by focusing on the 3P’s – Preventing People Problems.  We believe a proactive approach to HR, ensuring expectations are clear set from the outset, with solid foundations in place in terms of policies and procedures, is a much better style than dealing with a problem after it has occurred.

We help our clients in different ways. Some prefer a retained relationship, assured with the security of having our expertise available on-demand, whenever they need us. Others work with us on an ad-hoc or project basis.

Why choose us?

We enjoy working with successful and ambitious businesses who share our passion for people. We believe people should be treated fairly and with integrity and respect.

We also know that the investment in people is one of the largest to make, yet some organisations can’t afford in-house HR or don’t have the right level of capacity or capability within their existing HR team.

This is why we do what we do – sharing our expertise to help clients succeed – providing them with the springboard to their success.

The BFA is run for and by our members – by becoming a partner you join a network of some of the foremost businesses within the UK footwear sector. Whatever business products or services you are marketing, BFA members are always keen to adopt that which enhances their business, makes their operations more efficient or increases their profits.

The BFA hold regular networking events and themed webinars, where we encourage partners to take the reins and showcase their businesses and services to our membership. We also enable partners to have an input in what we say to the Government and we ensure they receive Whitehall’s responses first-hand.

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