About RIF Worldwide

At RIF Group, We provide a multiple award-winning service and a global network designed specifically for today’s international marketplace, we help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

We do this through operating a world-class, reliable international transportation service and state-of-the-art logistics facilities. We are able to support businesses with complex freight and logistics requirements, we keep businesses running and cargo moving. Incorporating the very latest technology, our systems are designed to make using our services stress-free, transparent and efficient for our customers.
We’re committed to putting our ‘customers first’. By continually investing in our infrastructure, we stay ahead of global economic and industrial changes so that we continue to offer the right services to clients when they need them.

RIF Group is made from four different companies working together to provide the best service/solutions for you.

Firstly, we have RIF Worldwide Plc, this is our freight forwarding division where we support our customers’ global operations through reliably and efficiently transporting goods by sea, air and road including cross trade and complex supply chain requirements.

Second, we have RIF Logistics Ltd, we specialise in providing multi-channel warehousing and distribution services to a range of industries through a specialised customs warehouse approved multi-user facility.

Next, we have RIF Europe B.V., we provide global transport services to importers and exporters throughout Europe, and operate specialist logistics services from our facilities in the Netherlands.

Finally, we have RIF FX Ltd, we provide international currency conversion via the most sophisticated system on the market. providing our customers with a competitive exchange rate and one-to-one consultations.

The BFA is run for and by our members – by becoming a partner you join a network of some of the foremost businesses within the UK footwear sector. Whatever business products or services you are marketing, BFA members are always keen to adopt that which enhances their business, makes their operations more efficient or increases their profits.

The BFA hold regular networking events and themed webinars, where we encourage partners to take the reins and showcase their businesses and services to our membership. We also enable partners to have an input in what we say to the Government and we ensure they receive Whitehall’s responses first-hand.

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