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Customers on occasion can return unwanted clothes and footwear to shops for the flimsiest of reasons.  Often these items are no longer suitable for resale, leaving the retailer with little choice but to dispose of the product.  Whilst an easy returns process is good for the consumer, they can represent a real cost to the retailer and can have a significant impact on the environment if not dealt with correctly.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way and by working with SoleResponsibility, businesses can turn a cost into a meaningful revenue stream and, more importantly, significantly reduce their environmental footprint by reducing the amount of products sent to landfill.

At SoleResponsibility we support and work with a variety of partners by purchasing their returns, ex-display and end-of-line product and selling this through our eBay shop to a segment of the market that aspire to own branded products in the future.  All products are individually and honestly described and advertised at a substantial discount.  Our rapid growth demonstrates that this segment of the market is significant and underserved.

Here at Soleresponsibility we are proud of the small but meaningful contribution we are making in protecting the planet.  Recently, we were delighted to be confirmed as a Sustainability Partner of JD Sports, in recognition of the contribution our partnership is making in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.  It is a relationship we are looking to grow and replicate with our other partners.

We are also proud to support our community and in the last year we have worked with a number of charities to provide footwear and clothing to local homeless and vulnerable people.  In December 2020 we donated over 600 winter jackets to charities in Manchester where they were distributed to the homeless.  This is just one example of the way that Soleresponsibility is looking to give something back to the community.

The clothing and footwear industry is rightly coming under increasing scrutiny for the waste it produces and the impact this has on the environment.  Soleresponsibility can help businesses achieve their environmental and sustainability goals by reducing the amount of products sent to landfill, as well as providing a meaningful revenue stream from what was previously considered a cost.

The BFA is run for and by our members – by becoming a partner you join a network of some of the foremost businesses within the UK footwear sector. Whatever business products or services you are marketing, BFA members are always keen to adopt that which enhances their business, makes their operations more efficient or increases their profits.

The BFA hold regular networking events and themed webinars, where we encourage partners to take the reins and showcase their businesses and services to our membership. We also enable partners to have an input in what we say to the Government and we ensure they receive Whitehall’s responses first-hand.

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