The future of value-based design in Footwear – an antidote to excess

Let’s start with a definition. What do we mean by “value-based design” this is the idea of new production innovations aiding in the battle to save resources and create a healthier planet. Conversely value based design isn’t just moralistic, this could be the implication of business value, economic value and organisational values from a production perspective.

Fast fashion has fuelled overconsumption for the past few decades. Even though companies are now taking a much more holistic view of responsible manufacturing, supply chain integrity and even in some cases transitioning to renewable energy.

“We need to get back to things like slow food and slow fashion. It’s happening, but it needs to influence far more to value things rather than a have a throwaway society “

 Mary Robinson 2019 for Made Thought.

 Obviously if we all make more considered purchases that are viewed as being staples in higher quality materials and well produced this is additive. Also thrifting and upcycling have shed previous stigmas and are rapidly growing in popularity.

Whilst Big brands such as Nike, Adidas and Rothys are designing out waste and pollution by reusing materials -promoting more of a closed loop system.

Designers / Creatives are now spearheading a shift from mass production into more novel routes of development.

Creative change makers are growing and approaching circular systems in a more practical approach using items that are reused, repaired and remanufactured. Footwear pioneers such as Helen Kirkum, Peterson stoop and Studio Hagel  DIY aesthetics are been replicated and co-signed by bigger brands such as Timberland “construct”, Adidas “Makers Lab” and Nike’s “Space Hippies” recent launch.

I think it’s easy and only natural to question how scalable and how readily available these solutions are. I think what’s imperative is the promise of growing and developing all our futures by thinking beyond now (as businesses and individuals).

Having worked in the industry a long time I am truly considering my approach in all aspects, my hope is that more casual and formal brands follow suit to developing and manufacturing in promotion of value based thinking.

Pic Below: Gauthier Borsarello vintage shoes

Pic on news front page: Peteson Stoop shoe