Quarterly UK Footwear Forecast Webinar – Q2 2023

We are pleased to welcome the return of our terrific trio: the BFA’s resident Economist, Gary Raines, Wayne Gibson, Managing Director of RIF Worldwide and Jack Lane-Matthews, Director at RIF FX to present a webinar for BFA members on Friday, 7 July at 11 AM.

Wayne will present an update, and information the current freight market, shipping rates and any other relevant information required.

In reviewing & forecasting the UK footwear market, Gary will likely discuss the market outlook consisting of a recap and outlook of trends that funnel down from macro trends to UK consumer demand for footwear, to foreign trade trends.

Jack will be covering key fundamental drivers of FX markets over the last quarter and providing a forecast of GBPEUR and GBPUSD and what to watch out for.

After the presentation, there will be an open Q&A session. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have to Gary, Wayne and Jack.

Gary Raines

Gary Raines is the Chief Economist and co-Founder of Red Sky Economics. He forecasts and manages all of the Red Sky Economics consulting projects and has over a quarter-century of experience in risk management, supply chain analysis, forecasting and economic modelling.

Gary brings a wealth of experience to all his clients. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics, a minor in statistics and two Master’s degrees in economics and Textile & Apparel Technology Management, so is well placed to advise our members at the BFA.

Wayne Gibson

Wayne is the Managing Director at RIF Worldwide Plc. He started his career as an Import Clerk and has held a variety of different roles within the business which has enabled him to gain vast experience in all aspects of the business from the ground up.

Wayne is a highly driven & focused individual who has over 20 years’ experience within international freight forwarding. He is always forward-thinking and has sound decision-making skills.

Jack Lane-Matthews

Jack Lane-Matthews is a Director at RIF FX. He has over 10 years’ experience in client facing Financial Services, managing large teams at global FX companies and now owning a rapidly growing multi-faceted financial services group.

Jack’s focus has always been on the client journey, whether that be from account opening to post deal support and risk management strategies.

Jack’s ethos is to endeavour to be a step above the competition in product and service.