About Dawn-Linley Footwear Design

Introducing Dawn-Linley Footwear Design:

With over three decades of experience as a senior footwear designer, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. For the past two decades, I’ve navigated the dynamic landscape of the footwear industry as a freelance designer, collaborating with diverse clients ranging from retailers to renowned brands, and directly engaging with manufacturing processes.

My extensive journey in footwear design encompasses a broad spectrum, including trend analysis, range building, brand development, and fashion consultancy. Having worked across all genders and construction types, I’ve honed a distinct flair for crafting exceptional designs in ladies’ and kids’ footwear.

Services Offered:

Ladies, kids, and men’s footwear design
Inspirational and presentational CAD work
Full technical briefs
Sole designs and branding concepts

Full seasonal trends
Catwalk analysis
Key item-focused approach
Seasonal trend flows
Comprehensive colour analysis
Material, trim, and construction pre-sourcing packs
Feel free to reach out to discuss the array of services I offer. I’m eager to understand your specific needs, and together, we can tailor a plan that aligns seamlessly with your requirements and budget. Let’s bring your footwear vision to life!

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