About Miyo Shoes

MIYO shoes is an online direct to consumer brand with a modern (contemporary) concept. The patent and design protected MIYO clip is an innovative, interchangeable, embellishment attachment that allows you to easily customise your shoes according to your style and occasion. The same pair of shoes can be styled to create multiple looks giving the shoes a greater lifespan.

MIYO shoes are designed with longevity and versatility in mind. They are ethically handcrafted in Portugal with quality leather sourced from members of LWG.

With its sleek Scandinavian design, the branded MIYO clip becomes a decoration on its own, your shoes can be worn with or without MIYO’s unisex adornments. The clip is designed in Sweden and made of zinc mined and refined in the Nordics. The clip is also manufactured at a Swedish foundry that is powered by self-generated wind and solar energy.

MIYO shoes, “Make It Your Own”, is a genuine slow fashion movement created for a more sustainable footwear future whilst optimising creativity.

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