About Lemuria London

Lemuria London is the embodiment of modern luxury, fusing a kaleidoscopic world of elegance, comfort and the finest British craftsmanship, we offer a collection of luxurious Carry Cases, footwear and Made to Measure garments. All exclusively designed and hand made in London, England.

The materials we use to manufacture our footwear are sourced from the very best suppliers in England and are hand crafted by one of the finest Cordwainers in the country.

We have been working on our current footwear design; unisex Chopines (platform shoes) for over two years now (since May 2021), which has been delayed due to the covid pandemic and subsequent economic crisis impacting our suppliers and manufacturers. However we are now able to offer our Unisex Chopines in your own size with a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

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